San Jose’s change in public employees’ pension brought two lawsuits

In San Jose, two organizations supporting
the firefighters and police officers of the
city have filed lawsuits against the change
in these employee's pension plans.

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In San Jose, California, a new measure on the pensions of police officers and firefighters has brought a lawsuit against the city. The San Jose Police Officers' Association and San Jose Fire Fighters, Local 230 have both filed lawsuits in Santa Clara County Superior Court last week seeking to thwart this new legislation from affecting pension plans.

According to a press release issued by the San Jose Firefighters, Local 230, the measure will also affect the healthcare and disability benefits of the two groups.

"The City of San Jose is asking the courts to thumb their nose at nearly 70 years of California case law with Measure B," Gregg Adam, attorney for the San Jose Police Officers' Association, said in the press release. "Our request to the court is simple, to uphold the law and ensure that promises made to employees are promises kept."

Measure B requires these employees to either reduce the amount in their current pension plans or allot more payments toward their retirement funds. According to the press release, this new legislation may require police officers and firefighters to put more than 40 percent of their salaries toward their pensions.

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