Religious institutions in Illinois file lawsuits against mandate requiring birth control insurance

Religious Organizations
Religious organizations have
criticized the mandate requiring
religious employers to provide
care covering birth control.

Companies can sometimes find themselves in a difficult situation when a client or employee files a lawsuit based on moral grounds. Because individuals grow up in different families, households and environments, a difference like religious diversity can cause a much bigger dispute than many would think. Businesses in Chicago may need to speak to a business lawyer to resolve such issues.

Ever since the Obama Administration released a mandate on religious institutions requiring employers to provide health insurance covering the costs of birth control, controversy has surrounded the legislation as critics claim this goes against the Constitutional right instituting freedom of religion.

Recently, in Illinois, the Roman Catholic dioceses of Springfield and Joliet joined other organizations in filing a lawsuit that disputes the mandate, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Currently, 43 religious institutions have filed lawsuits against this new law, which states that all religiously-affiliated organizations including schools, hospitals and charities must provide care encompassing FDA-approved contraception and sterilization procedures.

"We've talked to the administration about our concerns and tried to persuade them to amend the regulation that they proposed. It doesn't seem like they're willing to do that," Bob Gilligan, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Illinois, told the news source. "We're engaged in the executive branch, legislative branch and now the judicial branch."

The Obama Administration did offer a solution in the form of mandating insurance companies to cover the cost of care instead of religious employers. However, a large number of plaintiffs are not satisfied with this resolve since they self-insure their employees.

Companies in Illinois that feel persecuted by government regulations may benefit from speaking to a Chicago litigation attorney with experience in business law.

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