Orange juice company accused of misleading consumers

Orange juice
A number of lawsuits have accused
Tropicana and other juice makers
of not providing juices as
"natural" as seen in advertisements.

When consumers buy a certain product, they expect that the brand holds up to the value advertised by the company. However, sometimes the marketing department may exaggerate certain aspects of the product or service, thereby leading to a potential complaint from a customer. In such cases, Illinois business owners may need to rely on a Chicago business lawyer to solve this type of dispute.

In California, a number of lawsuits have cropped up that accuse Tropicana orange juice of not having the appropriate industry standards for its juice processing and not being as "natural" as promised in advertisements, according to the Miami Herald.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Tropicana's parent company PepsiCo, which also includes the suits against Coca-Cola and its Simply Orange subsidiary. The date for the court case and amount in monetary damages have not been decided yet.

Allegedly, Tropicana uses artificial means to increase the shelf-life of its juices. However, its advertisements display an orange with a straw stem and labels the drink as "100 percent natural."

At least 20 lawsuits have been filed against Florida orange juice makers as of June 2012. The major issue at hand is the use of flavor packs by juice companies to restore citrus taste and aroma to already processed fruit drinks.

"Our juice is safe and nutritious and Tropicana remains committed to offering great-tasting 100 percent orange juice with no added sugars or preservatives," Tropicana spokesman Michael Torres told the news source. "We take the faith that consumers place in our products seriously and are committed to full compliance with labeling laws and regulations."

Companies in Chicago that are experiencing ongoing consumer complaints, much like Tropicana, may need to partner with a small business lawyer in order to defend their product or brand.

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