Fraiche Bakery settles dispute over ‘Cinnamon Bomb’ recipe

Fraiche Bakery was able to
settle a dispute over the ownership
of the Cinnamon Bomb recipe.

The Fraiche Bakery in Evanston, Illinois experienced a major dispute between a recently fired chef, Maryann Huppert, and the bakery owner, Susan Davis Friedman. This issue was over the ownership of several different recipes, which is the type of property ownership dispute that may require the consultation of a Chicago business attorney.

A lawsuit was initially filed by the bakery proprietor over a recipe for its signature "Cinnamon Bomb" pastry, according to reports. Friedman alleged that Huppert quit working for the bakery and then came back a few days later to take back the recipes.

The owner filed the lawsuit claiming that these recipes were the property of the restaurant. Usually, products, services or ideas created by employees while on the job are owned by the company they work for.

The famous Cinnamon Bomb – which made Time Out Chicago's List of the top 100 things its reporters ate in 2011 – was one of the recipes Huppert claimed ownership over. The chef allegedly helped create these recipes while working at the bakery. However, Huppert explains that she came up with these recipes at home using cookbooks and websites.

"The whole thing is just ridiculous," Huppert told the Chicago Tribune. "They told me to come get my stuff, and then they sued me to get it back."

This lawsuit was dropped recently as Friedman and Huppert came to terms over the recipes. The terms of the settlement were not revealed but Maryann Huppert will no longer be working for the Fraiche Bakery.

Small businesses in Chicago that find themselves in a similar situation to the owner of the Fraiche Bakery would be wise to hire a Chicago business lawyer.

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