Former football star Alex Karras files lawsuit against NFL over permanent brain damage

Allegedly, the NFL hid data from football players regarding the seriousness of playing after a concussion.
Allegedly, the NFL hid data
from football players regarding the
seriousness of playing after a concussion.

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CNN reports that an ex-football player Alex Karras filed a lawsuit in early April against the NFL for concussion-related injuries. Karras – who has also contracted dementia – filed this suit on behalf of himself as well as 69 other former NFL football players.

The allegations claim that the league did not provide enough information for players to make an informed decision on the risks of playing football despite a recent concussion. For example, football players risk permanent brain damage if they get back on the field soon after a concussion. Allegedly, the NFL hid such data from the players for the past several decades.

"[The NFL] had knowledge they didn't share with the players and didn't add the knowledge to the playing rules to protect players," Gene Locks, an attorney for the case, told the news source. "What we want is for the league to stand up and be counted, and examine everyone and provide medical benefits to everyone."

The lawsuit claims that former NFL football players suffer from permanent neurological damage after receiving severe blows to the head. Karras suffers from dementia, which prevents him from driving, cooking, reading or traveling, according to his wife Susan Clark. The multiple concussions have also caused Karras to experience an extensive amount of dizziness.

The plaintiffs in this case are seeking compensation for punitive damages and payment for medical diagnosis and treatment. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello states that there is no merit in the allegations against the league.

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