Chicago-Nationwide Class Action Filed Against Peet's Coffee For Shorting Customers on Gourmet Coffee

Peet’s sells Press Pot Coffee in 32 ounce or 12 ounce sizes but only delivers approximately 75% of the advertised volume. Consumers pay for 100% of the amount advertised and receive at most ¾ of what they paid a premium for. When making product purchases, consumers have the right to expect that retailers are providing accurate information and not misleading them in any way, shape or form.

Press pot coffee, or also commonly known as French press coffee, is a hand-crafted coffee which is brewed in a narrow glass cylindrical beaker where coarse ground coffee is placed in the bottom of the device over which hot (almost boiling) water is poured into the device and pressed down on the ground coffee with the use of a metal filter and plunger (“Brewing Device”). The French press produces a very rich form of coffee high in sediment that is commonly served in France. Peet’s point-of-purchase in-store signage and menu in its stores throughout the United States represents that the 12 ounce 32 ounce press pot coffees sold at Peet's establishments and delivered in paper cups are in fact twelve ounces and thirty-two ounces, respectfully, in liquid volume. In truth, they are at least 25% less than the advertised volume. The point-of-purchase in-store signage and menu used by Peet's, instead, actually refers to the size of the Brewing Device (see Paragraph 2 herein) used by Peet’s, not the liquid volume of press pot coffees being served to consumers in paper cups. Defendants have engaged in conduct designed to induce, or having the affect of inducing, consumers to believe that they are receiving materially more ounces of press coffee for their money than they actually are. Peet's defrauded Robert Garrett and countless other customers with false and misleading information at the point-of-purchase with in-store signage and menus intended to trick unsuspecting consumers into believing that they are purchasing more ounces of press pot coffees for their money than they actually are receiving.

Peet’s originated in 1966 in Berkley, California. Since then, Peet’s has grown nationally to over 243 stores in the District of Columbia and in nine states: California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. Most of Peet’s growth has occurred in the last few years. All of Peet’s stores are company-owned. As a large chain coffee house, Peet’s has the money and the resources to ensure greater accuracy in the description of its press pot coffees and to correct the wrongful representations as alleged in the Complaint.

The Voelker Litigation Group brought this action on behalf of its client Robert Garrett and other similarly-situated consumers located throughout the United States to remove the false and misleading point-of-purchase in-store signage and menus regarding press pot coffees, correct the false and misleading perception that they have created in the minds of consumers, and to obtain equitable and injunctive relief for consumers of press pot coffees preventing Peet’s in the future from selling press pot coffees in amounts less than represented, as well as monetary damages. The attached complaint alleges violations of the consumer fraud statutes of all nine states where Peet’s press pot coffees are sold and the District of Columbia including claims for breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

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