African-American pilots accuse United Airlines of discriminatory practices

African-American pilots allege that discrimination is taking place at United Airlines
African-American pilots allege
that discrimination is taking
place at United Airlines.

In today's world, employers know that they have a duty to maintain fair and equal practices toward their employees, clients and customers. Along with keeping an open mind to different religions, CEOs and managers must avoid committing racial discrimination. Otherwise, one may find him or herself defending their company with the help of a Chicago labor lawyer.

Last Tuesday, a total of 22 African-American pilots filed a federal discrimination lawsuit in San Francisco against United Airlines, claiming that an insignificant amount of minority workers are promoted to upper management at this airline, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The lawsuit alleges that the few African-Americans in upper-management were promoted to these positions only to give the company an appearance of diversity. The plaintiffs allege that the African-American managers were excluded from non work-related email chains, social events or gatherings and other avenues in which business practices were discussed.

Also, the lawsuit alleges that most minority employees at United Continental Holdings Inc., United Airline's parent company, do not hold management positions. Last Wednesday, United Airlines stated that it will defend itself in this lawsuit against the allegations made by the 22 African-American pilots.

"United does not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind," airline spokeswoman Megan McCarthy told the news source. "We believe this lawsuit is without merit."

The pilots are seeking back pay, damages and a stop to the alleged racial discrimination. U.S. District Judge Donna M. Ryu has been assigned to this case.

Much like United Airlines, businesses in Chicago that have found themselves caught in a legal battle over allegations of racial discrimination may need to speak to an employment lawyer.

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