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How storage lockers and distant relatives change the Vivian Maier case

Dan Voelker was asked to comment his opinion by the L.A. Times on the Vivian Maier case, an interesting copyright infringement story. John Maloof purchased a box of Maier’s belongings from a storage unit auction which contained a few remnants of the photographers work. Many of these old black and white portraits were taken in Chicago during the 1950’s and 60’s where she lived during that time period. This case is particularly interesting as most storage unit rental agreements typically contain language that the property rights revert back to the storage house should the tenant not make their monthly payments but do those property rights include copyright or are those rights transferred to Maloof and the other buyers from the auction? Very tricky situation and one that is most likely going to take a long time to iron out. See the full article on the L.A. Times website here.

VLG wins again in the Circuit Court of Cook County

On June 9, 2010, VLG's client BAC Home Loans Servicing obtained a default judgment in the Circuit Court of Cook County for foreclosure and sale of Kim Mitchell's home. On appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court, Mitchell's defense argued that the default judgment against their client was invalid because the circuit court lacked personal jurisdiction over her, as service had been improper. BAC Home Loans conceded that service was improper but litigator Dan Voelker argued that Mitchell waived any objections to personal jurisdiction by filing a motion to vacate before challenging personal jurisdiction.
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Voelker Litigation Group recovered $29 million for clients in 2013. VLG's founder, Daniel J. Voelker, has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for 31 years.
Voelker Litigation Group recovered 29 million for clients in 2013 VLG founder Daniel J Voelker has been a Certified Public Accountant for 31 years

VLG Prevails In Illinois Supreme Court Appeal

On Mar. 20, 2014, the Illnois Supreme Court ruled in favor of VLG's client and against Bank of America, reversing the decisions of both the Appellate Court and the Circuit Court in an appeal handled by Dan Voelker and Tricia Putzy of Voelker Litigation Group. The Supreme Court also overruled all decisions of the Appellate Courss that were inconsistent with its decision.

Class Action Lawsuit Against NCO / APAC

A class action lawsuit against NCO / APAC was filed on May 10, 2012 on behalf of Call Center Supervisors against NCO / APAC to recover overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The lawsuit claims that the Call Center Supervisors were misclassified as exempt employees, and were, therefore, not paid appropriate overtime. Daniel J. Voelker of Voelker Litigation Group and Randall B. Gold of Fox & Fox S.C. represent the plaintiffs in this action.

To find out if you qualify to join the suit, to join the suit, to update your contact information or to read more about the suit, please see the Class Action Lawsuit against NCO / APAC website...

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December 5, 2012 Toyota's Challenges in the U.S. and U.S.-Japan Relationship

Osamu Nagata

Mr. Osamu Nagata

Managing Officer
Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)

Toyota's Corporate Strategy & US-Japan Trade
(Tentative Title)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
11:30 AM Registration & Cash Bar
11:50 AM Lunch
12:30 PM Presentation and Q&A
1:30 PM Adjournment

$45 Members/$55 Non-Members
Table of 10 $450

Union League Club of Chicago
French Room
65 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604

Mr. Nagata leads the External Divisions that cover external relationships worldwide and Japan for Toyota. In early 2010, Mr. Nagata served as the primary support for President Akio Toyoda during the recall, including support around the congressional hearings.

His experience includes being stationed at Toyota's North America manufacturing headquarters office, where he was responsible for all aspects of parts and material purchasing with American suppliers. His strategy to implement a more localized purchasing policy for North America has been instrumental in increasing Toyota's U.S. purchasing to nearly $25 billion today.

To make a reservation or for more information, click here.

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New IICLE® Press Publication Business and Commercial Litigation 2012 Edition

CLE Handbood Business Commercial Litigation

Dan Voelker of Voelker Litigation Group is a contributing author to a chapter of The Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education's (IICLE®) 2012 edition of Business and Commercial Litigation. The Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting the professional development of Illinois attorneys through llinois-focused practice guidance.


This updated handbook is your one-stop resource for sophisticated practice guidance for each stage of the business or commercial case. It includes over 35 checklists and adaptable forms on the CD, including a representation agreement, both a simple and a detailed litigation budget, and an expert witness deposition outline. The authors guide you through a case from beginning to end with winning trial techniques for pleadings and motions, discovery, jury selection, cross-examination, using expert witnesses, and opening and closing arguments.
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VLG Supports Peppermint Bash Fundraiser for Lincoln Park Young Professionals

Peppermint Bash 2011

We Swing to Win!

The Voelker Litigation Group is a commercial and business litigation firm offering high-quality legal services, combining decades of legal experience, financial savvy, and creative fee arrangements to help you afford the legal services you need.
VLG Mens Swing

We Make House Calls, Too!

A lot has changed since the days of rushing to a client's side in horse and carriage, but your expectation of exceptional face-to-face client service doesn't have to. At Voelker Litigation Group, we offer high-quality legal services, combining decades of legal experience, financial savvy, and lower overhead, which means affordable rates with flexible fee arrangements. And, while we may not show up in a horse and carriage... we will be there when you call, ready to help you turn your legal problem into an opportunity for your success!
VLG Men Make Housecalls

Cocktails, Wines, Fashion, Chefs, Range Rover, Diamonds, Raffles & More... August 17, 2011

Voelker Litigation Group sponsored the new Range Rover Evoque unveiling on August 17, 2011.

Range Rover Evoque Unveiling

Voelker Litigation Group featured on Local First Chicago - June, 2011

Local First Chicago

Voelker Litigation Group is a featured member on Local First Chicago.
Read more about VLG on Local First Chicago...
Local First Chicago is a network of locally owned, independent businesses and community organizations joined together to keep money and character in our neighborhoods and build a thriving local living economy. In doing so, we hope to promote the overall social, economic, and environmental health of our economy and communities.
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VLG Sponsors LPYP Rock The Boat at Columbia Yacht Club! - Thursday, May 19 th

Voelker Litigation Group was a sponsor of LPYP Rock The Boat, held at Columbia Yacht Club on Thursday, May 19 from 6-9pm.
LPYP Rock the Boat

VLG Supports Richards Vocational High School After-school Program

Tai Chi After School VLG Donation

"Thanks to Dan Voelker, the Richards Vocational High School, located in Chicago's South Side was able to purchase tai-chi uniforms for its fully-volunteer supported after-school program."

The program meets twice a week, and any student can join and participate in tai-chi classes and poetry readings. In order to attend, students must be in good standing with the school; consequently students are motivated to attend their courses and use this program as an outlet, working up to presenting poetry of their own.

VLG Sponsors Buck O'Neil Ball February 3, 2011

Voelker Litigation Group sponsored the Chicago Baseball Museum's Buck O'Neil Ball, held at Benchmark on Thursday, February 3 from 6-9pm. The Chicago Baseball Museum recognized the role that Chicago Baseball played in our country's history and how individuals like Buck O'Neil bridged the racial gap that existed in the game to lead the way for the players to enjoy the game today. The event featured Fred Mitchell, Ernie Westfield, Doug Glanville, Bob Kendrick, Al Spearman, and Marvin Freeman and guest speakers and VIPs. Guests mingled with Chicago's baseball community, enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and cocktails, viewed highlights from the Chicago Baseball Museum's "Buck O'Neil and Black Baseball in Chicago" documentary, and bid on silent auction items.

"It Ain't So, Kid, It Just Ain't So:" History's Apology to "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, Charles Comiskey and Chicago's Black Sox

In an article written by Dan Voelker, called "a fascinating piece of baseball journalism" by the Wall Street Journal, Voelker exposed the falsehoods that have been perpetuated for almost a century and essentially rewrote the history of the Black Sox scandal of 1919. Utilizing their amazing legal skills and experience in the art of cross-examination, Voelker proved to the world that what had been written about the scandal, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Charles Comiskey is just plain not true.
Read Voelker's article from the Chicago Baseball Muesum website...

This piece was written about and reported in major publications throughout the United States, and Voelker was interviewed extensively on National Public Radio and a program that appeared on the Major League Baseball Channel in November 2010.

History Fix for "Shoeless" Joe? from the American Bar Association Journal December 1, 2009
Read the ABA article about the research and quotes from Voelker on the ABA website...

Voelker Featured in the upcoming MLB production Triumph and Tragedy "The Rise and Fall of the 1919 White Sox" November 8, 2010
Read about the MLB Triumph & Tragedy episode from the Chicago Baseball Museum website...

Chicago Baseball Museum's Voelker Teams Up With Legendary Sports Writer Furman Bisher at National Baseball Historian's Conference Atlanta, GA, August 7, 2010
Read the full story from the Chicago Baseball Museum website...

"In defense of 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson" -- Chicago Tribune, by Erika Slife, Tribune Reporter Profile of CBM Board Member Voelker's Quest to clear Shoeless Joe Jackson Chicago, IL, September 9, 2009
Read the full story on the Chicago Tribune website...

Black Sox: 'It ain't so, kid, it just ain't so' in Chicago Lawyer Chicago, IL, September 1, 2009
Read the full story on the Chicago Lawyer website...